How Do I Split a State Map in Half?

This video shows you how to divide one of our downloadable, editable PowerPoint State, County or Country Clip Art Maps in half giving you two territories that you can color differently.

How to Divide a PowerPoint Clipart Map In-half

The object of this lesson is to divide a state, county or country map in half and assign it different colors to show two territories. This is a two-part video lesson. PowerPoint isn’t really a drawing program but we have a couple of cool ways of doing this. Video 2 shows how to trace a map.

  1. Our first option uses the EDIT POINTS Tool, this tool is located in different places depending on which version of PowerPoint you have. In PPT 2003 and earlier this tool is one of the options in the Draw Pop-Up menu in the Drawing Tool Bar. In version 2007 it is located on the Mac in the Pop-up box that appears when you hold down the Control button and click on a map, on the PC in the Pop-up box that appears when you right-click on an map.

    The first step is to duplicate the object. Copy the state or county and paste it and move it to the side of the existing state so that you can work on it.

  2. Select the state with your mouse pointer; look for the eight little handles to tell you it is selected.

PowerPoint 2003

  1. In 2003 and versions back go to the DRAW Pop-Up menu in the Drawing Tool Bar and select EDIT POINTS, you will now see all of the drawing points or handles that make up that map.
  2. On the PC hold down the Control key, on the Mac hold down the Option key, click on each point with the mouse pointer and start deleting the little points.

PowerPoint 2007

  1. In PPT 2007 Edit Points is located in the Pop-Up box that appears when you right-click on a map.
  2. Edit Points is one of the PPT features that you can access when you right-click. To delete a point you hover with the mouse pointer over a point, when it looks like a small box surrounded by four triangles you are over a point. Right-click for the options and select Delete and the point will delete. On a Mac hold down you option key and click on the point and it will delete.
  3. The object is to nibbling away the area you want to delete while you work your way around the edge. You end up at some point with a part of the state that you want to keep. Don’t worry it goes faster than you think.

    You can also add a point by clicking on a line segment, hold down the Control button, right-click and Add Point.

  4. Give this new shape its own color and stroke or line and place it back on top of the original map. And presto you have a state that looks to the viewer like you have cut it in half. But in reality it is made up of two pieces, a full state and half state lying on top.

TIP: Use the Zoom pop-up box in the Standard Toolbar to get in closer. 300% or 400% works well.

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