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How to Add a Information Pop-Up Box to your PowerPoint Presentation

display pop-up text in PowerPoint

We had this question come in recently on how to create an information pop-up box on a PowerPoint Map. To set all this would be complicated and take a lot of work. Below I proposed several ideas on how to solve this

Question: I am looking for an editable map of the USA and CANADA. I would like to be able to color-code each state or province which I know yours can do. However, I would like to click on a state for example Kentucky. Then I want the option of putting lets say 20 company names in the state. Then I would like to do this for every location in North America.

Can you help me?

Answer: thank you for reaching out, good question. You definitely do the first part, that is how they are designed.

Here is a description of how to set it up using the Selection Panel. This uses a pop-up box. It is going to be some work but yes you can do it.

Here is a really good video on how to do it. I would watch this first

If you want the text to appear in the state border then I might duplicate the state and place it on top of the existing state so it appears like it is in the state, but in reality, it is in a second state. Personally I would do this with a pop-up box next to the state.

This has the potential of getting really confusing.

An Alternative Idea: if this a stand-alone thing, then I might make a new document that is twice the size or bigger. Copy the USA map and paste it into the new large slide, group the US and enlarge it. You now have a map that is much larger and might be easier to work on. When you do your presentation, no one will know that it is a larger slide.

Another idea: would be to set your state up in regions, NW, SW, New England etc. Maybe 6 regions. Just do those states in that region, then go to a new slide and do the next region’s states. Again the audience sees just the same map. But this makes things easier with only a few pops up boxes to manage on the slide, rather than 50 or more. You will go crazy. This might be easier.

Another Idea using Hyperlinks: would be to set up 51 maps, one master and one for each state. Use hyperlinks and Nav buttons, and when you click on the state it jumps to the new slide and shows you the info. Again the audience won’t really be aware of what is going on, but it might also be easier.

I would test all these ideas and see which one works

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