How To Add Text to a PowerPoint Map

This video shows you how to take one of our downloadable, editable PowerPoint clipart maps and add or customize text to one of our state, county or country maps

  1. Select the TEXT INSERTION tool in the DRAWING TOOL BAR, usually located along the bottom of your slide window or up along the top. Click anywhere in an empty area of the slide, and begin typing in the text box that will appear.
  2. Use the FORMATTING PALETTE or the pull down menus at the top of your screen to customize the text with fonts, size, and color.
  3. The text block can be moved around the screen by clicking, holding and dragging on the light grey or light blue border that surrounds the text box. This box is visible after you have clicked on the text with your pointer. When you move the pointer over the border it will change to an open hand or little star, this indicates that it is now an object and that you can click on it and move it.
  4. To delete a text box, select it with the pointer and then click on the light gray or light blue border surrounding the type to turn it into an object. Hitting the DELETE key on your keyboard will delete the text.


If you have a lot of labels to add to your map, just make up one, format it with the correct typeface, style and color and then for the rest of the project, copy, paste and change the text as you go along. This method will get you going a lot faster than starting from scratch for each one.

Adding Color

You can also fill the type box with a color to make a colored box. Select the outer frame of the type box turning it into an object and then fill with a color using the FILL BUCKET in the drawing tool bar or in the FORMATTING PALETTE. If you then select the type with the TEXT INSERTION tool you can color the text, lets say you chose white, you would now have a colored box with the type reversed out, a very useful technique for making labels.

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