How to Make a USA Sales Territory Map in PowerPoint

This video shows how to set up a sales or marketing territory map with our downloadable and editable USA National PowerPoint County PowerPoint map from

We often get the question on how to set up a sales territory that covers several states, including territories that cross state boundaries. This is a project where using grouping and ungrouping plays a big part. We recommend building this map state by state to keep sense of all the pieces. Do it wrong and you end up with hundreds of little pieces that become very difficult to make sense of. Using grouping and ungrouping you can keep the map together and end up with a great presentation.

  1. Open the map and Click on a single state, for this example we chose Ohio, Ungroup it, (Ungroup is located in the Drawing Tool Bar or by right-clicking or holding down the Control button and clicking) you will see that you now have two groups, text and land. You don’t need to Ungroup any further if you are coloring the entire state.
  2. Click off the map to De-Select it. If you need to color individual counties you will need to ungroup the state also. Reselect just the land and select ungroup and then color.
  3. If you are coloring the entire state then Click on just the Ohio counties to select the land (use the shift key to select multiple counties if you have different sections) and then choose a new color from the Fill Bucket in the Drawing Tool Bar or in the Formatting Palette.
  4. Once the color has been changed, drag around the entire state with your pointer to Reselect the two groupings, the text and the land, and Regroup them together, this will keep that state whole and a single unit until you are ready to do something new.
  5. Do the process for each state. Ungroup, Change land color, Regroup.

TIP: See our How to Group and Ungrouping video for more tips.

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