How to Use Group and UnGroup When Customizing Your Map

In this video we learn how use Group and UnGroup when you are customizing your PowerPoint map. 

One of the basic tips we give when customized your maps is to Group your map. Maps have lots of pieces that can get moved around by accident. To keep your map management under control we recommend grouping the elements together. 

Grouping allows you to easily move a map from one slide to another. To resize the map, make it bigger or smaller. Pull out a custom area to work on it or for presentation.

Super easy to do

• Select the states, counties, or countries that you want to group. Click on them with your pointer while you hold down the shift key or drag around them with your pointer.

• Apply Group. On the PC, right-click on your mouse and choose Group. On the Mac, hold down the Control key and click on one of the elements, and Choose Group..

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