How To Use the Shift Key to Select Multiple Objects

In this video learn how to select several objects at the same time for customizing.

Our editable Powerpoint maps have lots of elements on them. The USA map has 50 states, plus 50 names and often more. The key to making customizing easier is to select several objects at the same time. You are able to color or resize or change fonts on all the elements at the same time.

Selecting Several Objects
• Using the pointer you can select multiple objects. The key is to hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. Then start clicking on the states. Once they are selected you can customize them. The selected objects can be deselected by just clicking on them a second time.
• You can also take your cursor or pointer and click on the slide off to the side and drag it around the elements. You will see a blue box appear. Anything that is covered by the blue box will be selected.
• In the Edit pull-down menu, you also have a Select All option if you want to select everything on the slide.

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