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How To Make a Blank or Printable Map in PowerPoint

How to Make a Blank or Outline PowerPoint Map

In this video I’m going to show you how to make a blank or printable outline map that you can use for a worksheet or a lesson. Our maps are easy to customize for your sales, marketing or educational presentations or projects. Every object in one of our maps is an independent individual object that can be customized. The techniques shown here also work with Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

The normal configuration is that our maps come with color in them. The first slide has land and text, the state, country and city names. The second slide has just the land and the third slide has texted. We’re going to work with the second slide, the map with just the land. We are changing the color from red or blue etc. to white. We could delete the color and leave the map as all state outlines, but adding white instead gives you more flexibility to customize.

Making Your Slide Blank

  • First, select the map.
    We can either go to the Edit pull-down menu and choose Select All. You can tell all the states are selected because you will see the handles around the edges. That means you can do something.

    Or we can hold down the Shift Key on your Keyboard and using the mouse pointer click on each state we want to make white. I usually drag my mouse around the states I want to change to go a little faster.

Filling Your States with Color

  • Once you have everything you want selected go up to the Ribbon at the top of the slide and select Shape, Fill. Fill your map with white.
    I use white because there is now a color in the state and I can click anywhere on the state to change its color again. Sometimes it’s hard to select the little border line.
  • We’re done. You now have a workable outline map that you can use for your project.
  • Please check out our Group and Un-Grouping video for more info on changing map sizes.