Downloadable, Editable, Royalty Free Maps for Powerpoint and Google Slides

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Clip Art, Digital Map, Sales Territory Mapping Resources

Editable Clip Art Map Web Sites for Presentations, Graphic Design, Web, Education

Hand drawn digital maps of the British Isles, World maps, Regional maps and more. Very detailed maps in Illustrator, editable pdf, tiff and jpeg formats for design, print web, apps, film, television and more. Originally They include some very detailed beautiful

World of MapsRoyalty Free editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator World, US, States, County, World Regions, Countries and Global maps for sales and marketing presentations, illustrations, graphic design, websites and education. Digital Download. Includes editable PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator eps and jpg maps.

Digital Wisdom

Mountain High Maps, GlobeShots, USA Relief, CoolMaps, Satellite Images, Body Shots, Antique Maps of the World, US State Flags, and Flags of the World, download and CD


Royalty free editable vector maps, World, USA, States, countries, Continents and Regions, Globes, Cities, Flags, also bmp versions, download and CD Roms

Map Resources

Adobe Illustrator editable maps, eps, pdf, jpeg and PowerPoint maps, individual download or on CD Rom

Large resource of everything maps, road, atlas, globes, digital, antiques, wall, all kinds of

Maps for Design

Home of one of the largest collections of royalty-free, editable PowerPoint maps, all maps are available for immediate download. Can purchase individual maps for setting up sales and marketing territories, graphic design, illustrations, websites, and education. Includes World, US, States, County-detailed and maps that can be combined to form regions, World Regions, over130 countries, and Globes. Digital Download

Presentation Mall

A large collection of vector, PowerPoint and flash maps, US, World, Countries,

Presentation Maps

Editable Vector Maps for Adobe Illustrator and MS PowerPoint, World, US, Globes, Countries, and States. download and CD-ROM

World Atlas

All kinds of map info, on their GraphicsMaps site they have a large collection of free map clipart

General Clip Art Maps

The main stock photo sites also have lots of editable maps

Maps for Education and Kids

Editable clip art maps, pdf books, printable map sheets, and collections designed for homeschooling and education

Software for Setting up Sales and Marketing Maps

Territory mapping and design software. Nice entry-level package for plotting data on a map. Territory Mapper is a Windows-based desktop software solution that will let you view and realign your territories.

Sales Territory

The Sales Territory Map® software allows sales management and/or sales operations teams to do their own territory mapping and design, a critical component of the sales territory alignment process. Sales Territory Map is also used by franchisors for franchise territory design and franchise territory mapping software. Will read zip code data


The granddaddy of plotting data on a map, MapInfo Professional, now part of Pitney Bowes, is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application. By visualizing the relationships between data and geography, MapInfo Professional makes it fast and easy to create, share and use maps by turning data into information.

Create a Clickable

A clickable map is a map on a website where each state or country can be clicked on and you get connected to a particular page. This is also called an image map. These can take a lot of work to set up or you can find one already made. One of the best around is Pat Flynn’s website. You can create your own and use it for free.

HTML5 Interactive Web

Maps (Formally Flash Maps)

Interactive HTML5 maps, Great for iPhones, Android devices, and iPads. Maps with zoom able world, states, state labels, and latitude and longitude markers. An ideal way to display office locations, visualize statistics, or improve site navigation. Mobile-friendly interactive maps.

HTML5 Interactive maps for websites. Innovation, fully-clickable interactive US, World, Canada, Europe, UK, and many countries maps for your website navigation and provide visitors with a simple and seamless method of accessing the information on other pages within your website. Interactive HTML5 maps for your website. Wide range of maps. Professional look, responsive and mobile friendly, unlimited number of clickable pins. World, USA, Continents, States, Some countries.

Instant Cloud-based mapping application. Create and edit maps in the browser. Copy and paste them into your website, pin point location by address or latitude and longitude. Visualize business data. This application can import locations from CSV, Google maps and cutsom heat maps.

Zip Code Maps

MapTrove Canada

A collection of mostly paper, physical maps for business and schools, They have an extensive collection of Canada map including some zip code and Canadian postal code maps. Also have US Maps, World Maps, Country Maps, Marine Charts, and City Maps. A lot of nice maps

Contains an extensive collection of Postal Zip Code Maps, Carrier Route Maps, Regional and Local Maps, Single Zip Codes Maps, Metro Area Maps, and State Sectional Maps. They can also do Custom Maps. USPS CASS Certification, 1-888-434-6277. Available in wall maps, book maps and digital maps.

Antique Historical Map Resources and Websites

Below is a listing of sites for finding antique historical maps. Some of them are royalty-free and some you have to pay, but these are great places to start when you are looking for antique maps.

Antique Historical Vintage Maps

World of Maps Clip Art, Antique Historical Map Collection, featuring vintage maps from 1500-1900. The royalty-free, antique collection includes World Projections, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America Countries, and some city maps. Maps are perfect for graphic design, illustrations, websites, craft projects, scrapbooking-paper and digital, education, jewelry making, framing for home decoration, travel journals, ancestry projects, t-shirt art, decoupage.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

All kinds of maps from CIA, topographical, historical, city, pretty much all in the public domain. Fantastic collection of maps, one of the first places that I look.

Library of Congress Map Collection Geography & Map Reading Room

The Geography and Map Division (G&M) has custody of the largest and most comprehensive cartographic collection in the world with collections numbering over 5.5 million maps, 80,000 atlases, 6,000 reference works, over 500 globes, and globe gores, 3,000 raised relief models, and a large number of cartographic materials in other formats, including over 38,000 CDs/DVDs. The online Map Collections represents only a small fraction that have been converted to digital form. These images were created from maps and atlases and, in general, are restricted to items that are in public domain, meaning those which are not covered by copyright.

Geography and Maps: An Illustrated Guide

American Memory

Note from Library of Congress

We’ve migrated most of our American Memory collections to new presentations.

For a full list of all digitized collections at the Library of Congress, please go to

Online Collections Listed by Theme

Geography and Map Collection in Other Online Venues

David Rumsey Map Collection, Cartography Associates

An historical map collection with over 45,000 maps and images online, focuses on 18th and 19th century North America and South America maps. Also includes historical maps of the world, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Old Maps Online

A collaboration between The Great Britain Historical GIS Project and Klokan Technologies GmbH, Switzerland. Users can search online for digital historical maps across numerous and different collections. This site has a really interesting search engine. Just move a box over the world map and it will feed up maps from that area and in the date range, you are looking for.

Also includes an excellent list of other map collections on their About page