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#1 USA PowerPoint Map with 50 Editable States and 2 Letter State Names


USA PowerPoint map with all 50 states and territories, fully editable states and names, 2 letter state names.

This is our most popular US PowerPoint map. Sales managers call me all the time about needing an editable sales territory map that they can customize to show their salespeople their territories. Just take your pointer, click on a state to select it, and fill it with a color from the Ribbon up at the top of the slide. Our maps are just PowerPoint slides, we just figured out how to get an editable map into the slide. Everything opens in all versions of PowerPoint.

This map is perfect for setting up sales and marketing territories and regions. Each state is an individual object so that it can be colored and customized. You can change the colors, pull out states to build regions, add a star for an office, or build a key. One of the biggest questions I get asked is can you edit the text? Yes, you can, you can add text using the Insert Text option or just take one of the state names and change that. Anything you can do with PowerPoint, you can do with our maps.

Managers also want to know can they send this map out to their people, can they share it? Yes, you can. This is a PowerPoint file and it is easy to email. I want you to share your maps with your team, your salespeople, your customers, whoever you need to get the job done.

Also included in this map set are the US territories, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam/Saipan, and American Samoa on a fourth slide. Each map set comes with three or more slides. Slide one land, and text. Slide two is just the land, and slide three is just the text in case you deleted some of the text by mistake, you have a backup.

Each map is already placed into a PowerPoint slide ready for customizing. Color, 7″ x 6″, 200kb

Compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. This map also includes a PDF outline map.

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