US County Regional Editable County PowerPoint Maps for Building Regions


US County Regional PowerPoint Maps with individual editable counties no names.

File is set up on 7 standard 7.5″ x 10″ PowerPoint slides in one file, in regional groupings. Each grouping is on its own slide: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southcentral. Northcentral, Northwest, and Southwest, plus Alaska and Hawaii.

Great for setting up a national sales and marketing territory or regions. States with editable counties can be fit together so you can build a custom regional states/county territory sales map.

County map is inserted into a PowerPoint slide to get your project started, all elements can be easily deleted or changed. Add a star for an office, change colors, pullout counties to highlight a region. Color

This map does not include county names. If you need names take a look at our US National Editable County Map for Building Sales Regions SKU# 16395

Compatible with PowerPoint and Apple Keynote

Learn how to color a USA map in PowerPoint

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